Did a quick whistle rob Myles Jack of a fumble return for a touchdown?

By Scooby Axson
January 22, 2018

Several questionable calls in the AFC Championship Game have many fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars fuming, feeling that the officials may have played a part in denying the Jaguars a Super Bowl berth.

One of those plays against the New England Patriots occurred in the fourth quarter when Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack tackled Patriots running back Dion Lewis after a 20-yard reception. Jack stripped Lewis of the ball and recovered the ball and ran toward the end zone.

Officials immediately blew the play dead and the replay official only reviewed the fumble, not if Jack was down by contact on his way to the end zone.

“The ruling on the field was a fumble, recovered by the defense. Because a whistle was blown, there could be no advance of the fumble, and that ended the play,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora told Pro Football Talk. “Replay was used to determine if in fact it was a fumble and/or if the player was down by contact, but no advance of the fumble could be added at this point. The officials are instructed to officiate as to what they see on the field, not to replay.”

The play was upheld and Jacksonville got the ball back leading 20–10. The Jaguars promptly went three and out on the ensuing possession.

New England scored on two of their next three possessions to erase the deficit and are heading toward their 10th Super Bowl appearance. 


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