Eagles Writer Predicts Brandon Graham's Game-Winning Strip Sack to the Exact Second

There are good predictions, and then there are scarily-accurate-weirdly-prescient predictions. 
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There are predictions, and then there are scarily-accurate-weirdly-prescient-can-you-see-the-future predictions. 

Sheil Kapadia, who covers the Eagles for The Athletic Philadelphia and hosts the Birds with Friends Podcast, gave one of the most precise predictions to come true in recent memory on Feb. 2, two days before the Super Bowl. 

He predicted that with 2:16 left in the fourth quarter of a close game, the Patriots would have the ball and that Brandon Graham would come up with the decisive sack fumble. 


"I think it's gonna be a game in the fourth quarter with both these teams," Kapadia said. "I think like you that the Patriots are going to get the ball with 2:16 left on the clock. That's when I think the guy you mentioned earlier on this podcast, Brandon Graham, is heard from. I don't know if he'll be rushing from the inside, if he'll be rushing from the edge. 

"I think Fletcher Cox will be in Tom Brady's face. He'll step, he'll have nowhere to go. Brandon Graham will come up with the sack-fumble, the Eagles will recover, and the Patriots dynasty will come toppling down."

Of course, Graham did come up with the decisive strip-sack of Tom Brady, and the play's snap happened with exactly 2:16 left on the game clock. 

That Youtube video was posted on Feb. 6, so I was initially skeptical that maybe the podcast was recorded after the game. But as you can see on Stitcher, iTunes and SoundCloud, the prediction was clearly made on the "Superb Owl Week - Prediction Time" episode which was posted on all three sites on Feb. 2. The prediction happens in the last three minutes of the podcast. 

That clapping noise you hear is me giving Kapadia a standing ovation for this remarkable feat of predictology.