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For this week's show, I spoke to Rams GM Les Snead and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky. Snead and I spoke at the owner's meetings last week, before he traded with New England for receiver Brandin Cooks. Snead explains why the young general managers in the game are trading so much more than than their predecessors did, why the Rams have been so aggressive in this off-season, and how much he has learned from GMs in other sports. And, with the Odell Beckham trade rumors swirling when this was recorded, whether he thinks the Rams still might have a big move left in them this offseason.

Former NFL quarterback turned quarterback analyst Dan Orlovsky predicts the order that this year's QBs will be drafted and explains why he's not sold on Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield based on what he's seen on film, and why it doesn't make sense that Josh Rosen's intellect is being framed as a downside.

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