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Which School Has the Most First-Round Draft Picks in NFL History?

Since the NFL's first draft in 1936, 1,839 players have been drafted in the first-round. Which school produces the most?

The NFL draft kicks off on Thursday night and 32 more players will be drafted in the first-round. 

Traditionally, day one of the draft has been dominated by Power 5 schools. Since the first draft in 1936, schools from these major conferences have accounted for 78.5 percent of all first-round draft picks (1,437 out of 1,839).

Last year, only two players were selected from non-Power 5 schools, with the SEC leading the way with 12 players selected.

Of course, some specific schools within a conference tend to dominate their output. On that level, USC stands alone. From Carson Palmer to Troy Polamalu, the Trojans have had 80 first-round draft picks, more than any other school. And they will add at least one more, as quarterback Sam Darnold is projected to be picked within the first five selections of the draft.

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Ohio State has had 77 players drafted on day one, followed by Notre Dame with 66 and Miami with 65. USC and Notre Dame are the only two schools with at least five No. 1 overall picks, with Carson Palmer being the most recent in 2003.

Below 60 are Alabama (56), Florida (51), Tennessee and Michigan (45), Texas (44) and Oklahoma (43).