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Cornerbacks! They’re young and exciting and warrant many exclamation points! Here’s what we talked about this week:

1:54—Last year we saw so many first and second-year cornerbacks thrive at the position. Why is playing corner a young man’s game?

6:05—Does anyone still play zone in this league?

9:20—How come no one invests in slot corners?

15:26—What do you expect from Richard Sherman this year, and over the remainder of his career?

28:43—Ranking the top 10 cornerbacks in football

50:11—The Lightning-ish Round: TRIVIA QUESTION TO START! How many CBs have won Defensive Player of the Year since Deion in 1994? True or false: If Jason Verrett is healthy, the Chargers have the best cornerback trio in football. Who is your top breakout candidate for 2018?

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