Bill Belichick Texted Jimmy Garoppolo After Every Win With the 49ers

Belichick and Garoppolo have clearly maintained their relationship.
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It appears that even months after Bill Belichick sent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, the two have maintained their good relationship. Jenny Vrentas's profile of Garoppolo revealed that, following the trade, a weekly ritual began between coach and quarterback.

"After each of Garoppolo’s starts for the 49ers, he received a text from the coach who had traded him, congratulating him on another win," Vrentas detailed.

Some questioned Belichick's decision to trade away Garoppolo, a move that potentially threatened the hierarchies within the Patriots organization.

“Bill really, really liked Jimmy,” Garoppolo's mother, Denise, said. “Not like they were warm and fuzzy—but they both knew it was there.”

According to Vrentas, Belichick even avoided his normal trade process of milking "the asset for every last drop." Rather, it is widely believed he traded the 26-year-old to a place he would have a high chance of success; the 49ers under Kyle Shanahan, who Belichick has grown to respect.

Regardless of the trade, it appears Belichick's admiration for Garoppolo never truly went away.