Bud Light Puts ‘Victory Fridges’ in Cleveland to Help Browns Fans Celebrate First Win With Free Beer

Bud Light is ready with free beer for Clevelanders as soon as the Browns get their first win of 2018.
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When the Browns win their first game this season, free beer will be available in Cleveland thanks to Bud Light's "Victory Fridges."  

The special fridges will automatically unlock celebratory beers after Cleveland gets its first regular season win, the team announced. The fridges will be opened by smart technology as soon as the game is over.

"You've stood by us through it all," the Browns tweeted. "We love you for it, and so does @budlight." 

See the fridges below: 

Bud Light is an official NFL sponsor. They responded to the Browns post saying, "@Browns fans, these fridges will open this year. We know it. You know it. #LetsGo Brownies."

The fridges will open regardless of whether the victory is at home or at an away game to help fans celebrate the long-awaited win.

Cleveland has lost 17 games in a row without a victory. The team's last win was Dec. 24, 2016.  

The Browns will open the regular season on Sept. 9 when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers.