Steve Smith Was Not Here for Michael Irvin's Comments on Ravens Receivers

Steve Smith proved he's still got his trash talk skills when disucssing the Ravens receiving corps with Michael Irvin.
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Steve Smith wasn't having any of Michael Irvin's trash talk ahead of the Ravens game against the Bengals.

While the group was discussing quarterback Joe Flacco's new receiving corps on "NFL Gameday Kickoff," Irvin suggested that Michael Crabtree might be the first receiver Flacco could trust since Anquan Boldin in 2012 — when the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

Smith however wasn't feeling that. He played with the Ravens from 2014–2016, recording 2,534 receiving yards while in Baltimore. Boldin had 2,645 receiving yards in three seasons with the Ravens.

Smith, a career trash talker, naturally let it all flow again.

He started comparing himself to Irvin, saying he was way better.

“I understand you have the rings, but I passed you statistically years ago," Smith said. "There ain’t no route I could run that you hoped you could run. I got a doctorate in route running, you got an associate’s degree."

Smith's still got it.