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Colts OL Quenton Nelson Says Viral Video of him Screaming During Block was Edited

The Colts used audio of Nelson screaming from another play in the video of his crushing block against Jaguars safety Barry Church.

Quenton Nelson didn't scream while he was delivering a crushing pancake block against Jaguars safety Barry Church during Sunday's 29–26 win, the Colts rookie guard said on Tuesday.

"I saw it got pretty viral on the internet, which was cool," Nelson told reporters on Tuesday. "(But) I wasn't yelling, not on that play. I don't know how it got amped up like that."

According to The Indianapolis Star, a Colts spokesperson told reporters that the team used audio of Nelson screaming on an earlier play and added it to the video of Nelson flattening Church into the ground for fun. The video went viral on Twitter on Monday and had more than 11,000 retweets and 37,000 likes on Tuesday afternoon.

The play from which the audio was pulled from happened late in the first half, where Nelson screamed to be a decoy during a seven-yard bootleg by Andrew Luck.

The Colts released an accurate full-length video of Nelson mic'd up on Monday.