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NASA Engineers Mimicked NFL Celebration After InSight Landed on Mars

49ers receivers Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne inspired a NASA pair's dance that went viral following InSight's Mars landing.

Landing a spacecraft on Mars is, of course, intricate. So for a NASA engineer, an elaborate handshake shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Apparently not. When NASA's Insight lander successfully touched down on Mars Monday, a pair of engineers, known as Brooke and Gene, broke out this awesome celebration inside NASA's mission control room in Pasadena, Calif.

(Skip to 1:18 point in the tweeted video below.)

As it turns out, their handshake was a rendition of one done by 49ers receivers Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne. In September, Goodwin scored a touchdown against the Chiefs, walked into the end zone, then nonchalantly walked up to Bourne before the duo began a series of slaps, forearms touches and a dance from the popular video game Fortnite.

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According to CNN, Brooke and Gene planned their celebration six weeks ago. Brooke is a Chiefs fan. Gene a Patriots fan. The two chide eachother about football.

"We knew we were sitting together in the control room, and we thought it would be kind of fun just for the two of us," Brooke said. "We saw something that we liked from a previous game, and we kind of mimicked it."

Mission accomplished.