SI: True Crime’s first narrative podcast, Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan will make you re-examine everything you think you know about the quarterback. His death, on July 4, 2009, was ruled a murder-suicide. But what if it wasn’t?

Over the course of this nine-part audio series, we’ll guide you through the McNair case, reviewing the findings and re-examining crucial details in a new light. To deepen your understanding of the case, each episode will have supporting documentation—archival reports, photos, videos, and more—that will be posted here every Wednesday.

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Episode 1

Autopsy Sketches

Dr. Feng Li’s report for Steve McNair and Jenni Kazemi, filed July 5, 2009.

Courtesy of Nashville Police Department
Courtesy of Nashville Police Department

Vincent Hill’s Letter to Lucille McNair

Written March 22, 2010.

Courtesy of Vincent Hill

Vincent Hill’s Police File

Including his Officer of the Month awards, his annual review scores and summaries of two incidents referenced in Fall of a Titan, episode one.

Timeline of Events

Episode 2

“Air McNair"

S. L. Price’s Sports Illustrated cover story about Steve McNair, from Sept. 26, 1994.

Photo Gallery

Classic images and candid glimpses from Steve McNair’s career.

“Hand Him the Heisman"

Campaign rap video recorded by Alcorn State teammates.


Episode 3

Text Messages

The back-and-forth between Jenni Kazemi and Steve McNair over the final 24 hours of their lives.


Jenni Kazemi DUI Video

Police footage from Jenni Kazemi’s arrest for drunk driving, two days before her death.

Episode 4

Adrian Gilliam Interview No. 1

When Gilliam first sat down with Nashville police, he claimed not to know Jenni Kazemi, the woman to whom he is alleged to have sold the murder weapon ...

Adrian Gilliam Interview No. 2

... but investigators caught Gilliam in a lie, and in a second session with police, his story changed.

Jenni Kazemi's Phone Records

Kazemi’s phone activity in the three weeks before she and Steve McNair died: June 15-July 4, 2009.

Character Map

Tracing the connections throughout the McNair investigation.

Episode 5

Crime Scene Sketch

From the Nashville PD case file: The bullet strikes, casings and bodies at the scene of the crime.

Courtesy of Nashville Police Department

Crime Scene Note on Steve’s Possessions

From the Nashville PD case file: A catalog of items found on McNair.

Episode 6

Condo Complex Surveillance Footage

A camera near McNair's condo captured video of what appears to be two cars leaving the complex the night of the murder.

Episode 7

Video of McNair on His Ranch

McNair gives a tour of the ranch he bought for his mother, Lucille.

Episode 8

Kazemi Domestic Violence Report

When Jenni was a teenager living in Florida she assaulted her older sister, who had tried to stop Jenni from leaving the house to see two boys. 

Kazemi Crisis Intervention Report

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s office report, Jenni told a counselor at a mental health center that she was feeling suicidal, and that she’d tried killing herself before.

Episode 9

Confidentiality Agreement

The NDA Mechelle McNair allegedly presented to Raymond White.

Grand Jury Letter and Supplement Report

Two documents Vincent Hill prepared for court in 2010.

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