Watch: Melvin Gordon Goes Unrecognized in Uber as Driver Bashes Chargers

Gordon's Uber driver had zero clue who was sitting in the back of his car as he hyped up the Ravens before Sunday's wild-card game.
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Chargers running back Melvin Gordon had a long discussion with his Uber driver about the Chargers' chances against the Ravens in Sunday's wild-card game ... but his driver had no idea that Gordon was his passenger until the very end of the conversation.

The 25-year-old two-time Pro Bowler captured the conversation on Instagram live, having a little fun with it as he went.

Gordon played along as his driver explained his reasoning for thinking the Ravens would win Sunday's matchup and go on to win the Super Bowl (he's a big Lamar Jackson fan) before trying to advocate for his QB1, Philip Rivers (to no avail, we might add), and asking what he thought about Los Angeles's ground game. 

"What about that running back, that Melvin Gordon kid?" Gordon asks his driver. "The running back?"

"Oh yeah he's something, he's something," the driver responded. "I'm so proud to see these young guys stepping up, playing the game. It's just a wonderful thing."

Gordon finally convinced his driver to root for the Chargers once he revealed his identity to him. His driver got some great conversation out of the ride, but Gordon gave him an autograph and took a selfie with him just in case their banter wasn't enough.

The Chargers and the Ravens will kick off from Baltimore at 1:05 p.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 6.