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Which NFL Player has the Most Super Bowl Appearances?

Find out Which NFL Player has the most Super Bowl appearances

Tom Brady will be appearing in his ninth Super Bowl after leading the Patriots to an AFC Championship win over the Chiefs on Sunday. 

With the win, Brady holds his spot atop the list of NFL players with the most Super Bowl appearances. Brady and pass rusher Charles Haley have both won five Super Bowl rings—the most of any player in NFL history.

But what about other players who have appeared in multiple Super Bowls?

Behind Brady, there's nose tackle Mike Lodish, who has played in six Super Bowls during his 11-year career. Wide receiver Don Beebe also appeared in six Super Bowls, winning one with the Packers. He only played in three of the games though.

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A number of players have appeared in five Super Bowls, including Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, who has won four titles. Quarterback John Elway has also appeared in five Super Bowls, winning twice. 

Three players have appeared in five Super Bowls but won none: Linebacker Cornelius Bennett, Guard Glenn Parker and quarterback Gale Gilbert who lost five straight Super Bowls. 

The Patriots will play in their ninth Super Bowl in 18 years when they face the Rams on Feb. 3.