Here's how Los Angeles-based teams have fared in the Super Bowl. 

By Emily Caron
February 03, 2019

The Rams will take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, the first Super Bowl appearance for a Los Angeles–based team since the Rams and Chargers relocated to L.A. in 2017 and '17, respectively. 

But other Los Angeles teams have reached the NFL's big game. 

The Raiders have made five Super Bowl appereances, one of which was played when the franchise was based in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Raiders played in Super Bowl XVIII, when they won the city's only Super Bowl by defeating the defending champion Washington Redskins, 38–9, in 1983.

As the Oakland Raiders, the franchise won the Super Bowl in 1976 before moving back to the franchise's birthplace, Los Angeles, in 1980. They returned to Oakland again in 1995, but secured Los Angeles' only Super Bowl win during the time in between.

The Rams have also played in three Super Bowls, but only one as a Los Angeles-based team, losing to the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV in 1979. They won the Super Bowl in 1999 as a St. Louis franchise, and appeared again as so in 2001.

The Chargers, now based in the City of Angels, share a story similar to that of the Rams, playing in one Super Bowl in 1994 as a San Diego team but never as a Los Angeles franchise.

The once-again-Los-Angeles Rams will take on the Patriots in a quest to claim the city's second Super Bowl championship. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. ET.

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