What is the Average Super Bowl National Anthem Length?

Four of the last six Super Bowl anthems have gone beyone two minutes.
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Motown legend Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Feb. 3, belting the Star Spangled Banner for fans of football, patriotism and gambling alike. 

The national anthem provides gambling fodder before the game begins, with wagers placed on the length of an anthem's rendition. We can take a look at past performances to place a gague on the predictive length.

So how long has the pre-Super Bowl national anthem previously lasted? We broke down the anthem metrics in preparation of Super Bowl LIII. 

Ashton Grewal of Covers.com tracked down the length of the past 28 Super Bowl national anthems. Alicia Keys broke out the longest recorded anthem in Super Bowl history at two minutes and 35 seconds. The shortest anthem? Jewel, finishing the anthem in a tidy one minute and 27 seconds before Super Bowl XXXII in 1998. According to Grewal, the average duration is roughly one minutes and 55 seconds. 

Pink sang the national anthem before Super Bowl LII in 2018. Her anthem performance hit the under, clocking in at one minute and 53 seconds.