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Chiefs GM: Andy Reid Pushing For Overtime Reform, Guaranteed Possession For Each Team

In January's AFC Championship, the Patriots beat the Chiefs after scoring a touchdown on their first possession of overtime. 

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is working to alter the NFL overtime process, Kansas City general manager Brett Veach said on PFT Live.

Reid and the Chiefs hope to guarantee each team an offensive possession in overtime rather than have the game end if a touchdown is scored on the opening possession. 

Kansas City lost to the Patriots in overtime of the AFC Championship in January. New England won the overtime coin toss, then drove down the field for a game-winning touchdown drive. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn't see the field in overtime. 

“I think everybody wants a chance for guys to do what they do," Veach told Pro Football Talk. "I don’t really see the downside of having that. Especially when you have a player like Pat Mahomes. It would have been a lot of fun. I think people, if they weren’t already tuned in for a great game, would have turned on that overtime.”

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The NFL's current overtime system has been in place since 2012. The previous system was a true sudden-death overtime, with the first score ending the extra period. The current protocol guarantees each team a possession unless a touchdown or safety is scored to open overtime. 

Kansas City needs 24 of 30 teams to approve a potential rule change for the proposed measure to pass.