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NFL Draft Prospect Kris Boyd Says Team Asked If He Had Two Testicles At Combine

NFL combine interview questions get weirder as prospect is reportedly asked if he has two testicles. 

The NFL Scouting Combine gives team coaches and executives a chance to get to know prospects in a limited window through interviews, and they use that valuable time tying to get every bit of information out of them.

Some questions are fairly common, while others are not.

Former Texas cornerback Kris Boyd said he was asked about certain body parts in the lower portion of his body.

"One crazy question I can think of was, 'Do I have both of my testicles?' " Boyd said, according to USA Today. "And I was like, 'Yeah. I don’t know why you got to ask.' That was one I can think of."

Boyd did not say which team asked him that question.

It only gets stranger.

Kentucky cornerback Lonnie Johnson said the Seahawks had him compete in a staring contest during his interview with team, according to, that lasted "15, 16 seconds."

The defensive backs will go through drills on Monday on the final day of the combine.