Adam Jones Allegedly Told Cops 'Suck My D---' During February Arrest

Jones reportedly cussed out officers, hulring profanities at several cops during a February arrest.
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Free-agent NFL cornerback and return specialist Adam "Pacman" Jones reportedly cussed out officers during his arrest at the Rising Star Casino Resort in Indiana on Feb. 27.

Jones was arrested after allegedly cheating during a table game.

According to TMZ Sports, court documents revealed that Jones told several law enforcement officials "f--- you" while raising his middle finger toward them. He also told one agent, "I will kill you ... I will whoop your a--."

As Jones was being detained, he managed to break out of custory and attempted to run away before being recaptured.

Upon being subdued, Jones continued to hurl profanities at officers, telling them "f--- you" in addition to yelling, "suck my d---."

Jones, 35, appeared in seven games for the Broncos last season prior to being waived midseason.

Jones ran afoul of the law several times during his NFL career, most notably a 2007 shooting at a Las Vegas strip club that resulted in Jones being suspended for the entire 2007 season.