Redskins QB Colt McCoy Drinks a Gallon of Unpasteurized Milk a Day for Strong Bones

All that milk had kept him healthy until last December, when McCoy suffered his first broken bone.
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When Redskins backup quarterback Colt McCoy never broke a bone in his body until he snapped his fibula last December, , Washington coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Tuesday at the NFL Owner's Meetings in Arizona. 

But more fascinating than the revelation that McCoy, a professional athlete, had managed to go 31 years of his life without seriously hurting himself was the next nugget that Gruden let slip: the former Texas quarterback drinks a gallon of milk every day. And it's not even pasturized.

When asked about McCoy's injury, Gruden explained that it was frustrating for McCoy – especially as someone who drinks so much milk to stay strong!

"He drinks a gallon of milk every day for strong bones," Gruden said. "I think it's the milk that's not pasteurized, either. I think it's right out of the teat."

“I swear, this guy is a nutjob,” Gruden laughed. "He should have healthy bones, right?"

McCoy confirmed Gruden's account to the Washington Postadding that while he does drink a lot of milk, it's probably not quite a gallon.

“I grew up this way,” McCoy told the Post. “We had dairy cows on the farm – just always have had raw milk. Tastes much better.”

If you thought you liked milk, you probably don't like it that much. Or that raw.