Raiders-Packers Played on Shortened 80-Yard Field Due to Condition Concerns

The Raiders and Packers are playing their preseason game in Winnipeg at a CFL stadium, and adjustments made to the field left the teams with concerns.
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The Packers and Raiders played Thursday in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at Investors Group Field, but their game did not feature kickoffs and the 10-yard lines served as the goal lines as the teams played on an 80-yard field.

The field is normally home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, and the issue with the surface pertains to the end zone and how the area where the CFL goalpost normally sits had to be covered.

Prior to the game, officials from both teams met to discuss the patch of turf placed where the goalpost normally is and whether or not it was suitable to play on.

The Packers sat 33 players for the contest, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers, although they did not state that it was due to the field conditions.