Tom Brady Challenges Lamar Jackson to Race

Tom Brady Challenges Lamar Jackson Race

Tom Brady seemed to be watching "Thursday Night Football" as Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson made history by breaking Michael Vick's record for the most single season rushing yards by a quarterback. 

And the Patriots QB, despite having only 1,035 career rushing yards—more than 60 fewer than Jackson has this season—seemingly wants his own shot to take down the Baltimore star.

"Me vs Lamar, 40 Yard Dash on natural grass but he has to wear rollerblades," Brady wrote. "Who's buying the PPV?"

"Tom's still got a little bit in him," Jackson said after Baltimore's 42-21 win over the Jets. 

Brady does have 22 rushing touchdowns for his career and the six-time Super Bowl champion is coming off a 20-yard rushing game against Kansas City.

Still, it's tough to imagine the Michigan product outrunning Jackson, even if the Baltimore QB is wearing rollerblades. 

A win in a potential Ravens-Patriots playoff game, however, would likely satisfy the four-time Super Bowl MVP more than enough.