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NFL Playoff Picture in Week 17: Potential Scenarios, Games to Watch

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The final week of the NFL's regular season is here, and there are still a few things to be settled before the playoffs start.

The Steelers (8–7), Raiders (7–8) and Cowboys (7–8) entered the weekend still in the hunt for a postseason spot. Teams like the Packers and Saints were also fighting for a shot at a bye week in the divisional round, while the 49ers and Seahawks met in a primetime showdown for the NFC West title and a No. 1 seed (for the 49ers). Here's how the day turned out:


Lions vs. Packers: Green Bay won the NFC North title with a win over the Vikings on Monday and clinched a bye week by beating the Lions 23–20 on a game-winning field goal by Mason Crosby. 

Saints vs. Panthers: New Orleans defeated Carolina 42–10 on Sunday. With the Packers’ win and the 49ers' win, the Saints will end up as the No. 3 seed.

Eagles vs. Giants: The Eagles beat the Giants 34-17 to win the NFC East and to lock up the No. 4 in the NFC playoffs. 

Redskins vs. Cowboys: Dallas was eliminated from playoff contention after the Eagles knocked off the Giants. The Cowboys ended up winning 47-16.

Raiders vs. Broncos (4:25 p.m. ET): The Broncos ended up knocking off the Raiders 16-15., but the result proved not to matter as the Titans beat the Texans to claim the No. 6 seed in the AFC. 

Steelers vs. Ravens (4:25 p.m. ET): The Steelers lost 28-10 on Sunday to drop to 8-8. Tennessee's victory eliminated Pittsburgh as well.

49ers vs. Seahawks (8:20 p.m. ET): San Francisco held off a late Seattle run to win 26-21, claiming the No. 1 seed in the NFC



Wild-Card Round (Jan. 4-5): 


Titans (No. 6 seed) at Patriots (No. 3 seed)

Bills (No. 5 seed at Texans (No. 4 seed)


Vikings (No. 6 seed) at Saints (No. 3 seed)

Seahawks (No. 5 seed) at Eagles (No. 4 seed)

Divisional Round (Jan. 11-12):


Lowest winning seed from AFC wild-card round vs. Ravens (No. 1 seed)

Highest winning seed from AFC wild-card round vs. Chiefs (No. 2 seed)


Lowest winning seed from NFC wild-card round vs. 49ers (No. 1 seed)

Highest winning seed from NFC wild-card round vs. Packers (No. 2 seed)