Tom Brady Is Still Sour Over Losing Two Super Bowls to Eli Manning

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Eli Manning retired from the NFL on Friday, and, of course, Tom Brady had something to say about it.

Shortly before Manning's retirement ceremony, Brady congratulated him on Twitter on his successful career but also joked about those two Super Bowls he lost to the Giants.

New York beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in a shocking 17–14 upset. Four years later, Manning and the Giants bested New England again in Super Bowl XLVI to win their fourth championship in franchise history. Manning was selected as Super Bowl MVP in both games.

Manning was asked about Brady's tweet during his retirement press conference on Friday. In true Eli fashion, he didn't throw a jab back at Brady.

"We joke about it a little bit, but it's not real funny to him," he said, referencing the amount of work it takes to reach a Super Bowl.

Manning his entire 16-year career with the Giants, who traded for him during the 2014 draft. He tallied 57,023 passing yards, 366 touchdowns and 244 interceptions in 236 career games. He ranks seventh all-time in passing yards and passing touchdowns in NFL history.