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Shakira and J-Lo Super Bowl Halftime Show Outrage Is Outrageous

Shakira and J-Lo's Super Bowl halftime show has received more coverage than the game itself. With some outrageous outrage regarding the impact of the performance on children.

Shakira and J-Lo's Super Bowl halftime show has gotten more coverage than the game itself. I haven't seen this much outrage about wardrobes since one famously malfunctioned. 

Sometimes I have to double-check to make sure people are serious with their outrage. It's outrageous.

I've even seen some asking what they should tell their kids. I guess not to be cheerleaders for the NFL if the outfits the two megastars wore was so upsetting. What do they say about what we see on sidelines every Sunday?

For all those jeer leaders, here's what I told mine. "Guys, come over here. Shakira and J-Lo are killing it!" If the Super Bowl is a family show, it led to a family dance party in my household. And truth be told, I never really knew that we could dance like that.

Though despite our shared excitement, I was careful not to remove my shirt. I didn't want to pull an Adam Levine. (I'd also need to do some serious intermittent fasting before I did.)

In all seriousness, talking to my kids about how dangerous football is while simultaneously enjoying it is a far more difficult conversation for me. I'd much rather have them try what J-Lo and Shakira did than what Patrick Mahomes and Richard Sherman do.

But forget about that for now. The halftime show was fantastic. Hence the reaction. After all, hits don't lie. So consider this my love for both Shakira and J-Lo. And my love don't cost a thing.