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What I'm Hearing on Day 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft

Day 3 of the draft is about to begin, so here are the final pieces of information and intel that are being passed around.

Three rounds down, four to go. Here's what I'm hearing around the league ...

• The Bengals took a linebacker, Wyoming's Logan Wilson, atop the third round. Don't be surprised if they double up here. I'm told App State LB Akeem Davis-Gaither is the leader to be the pick at 107, considering the value there, even with some injury concern.

• Another run on offensive linemen could be coming in Round 4, too. A couple tackles who are different kinds of risks (LSU's Saahdiq Charles and St. John's Ben Bartch) might be worth the dice roll for teams now.


• I like the Eagles having conviction, and taking a QB when you already have one is a very Andy Reid-ish move. Only issue? I don't know that they had to take Jalen Hurts at 53. I'm told the Ravens weren't taking him at 55, nor were the Pats at 60. How far would he have fallen?

• That said? Hurts improved A LOT from Alabama to Oklahoma as a passer—from a time, in 2018, when NFL teams wondered if he could play another position. It’s fair to think he'll keep improving. And he's a great kid, and Wentz's injury history makes this a reasonable investment.

• It'll be interesting to see where ex-teammates Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason land today. I'd heard Fromm connected to the Raiders and Patriots pre-draft, and Eason to the Colts and Bucs.

• I'll update this fact from the other day ... Over the last six drafts (2015-‘20), 20 QBs have gone in the first round; Hurts was just the fourth to go in the second round. Why? If you see a guy as a long-term answer, you take him in the first. And most don't spend second-round picks on backups.

• Baltimore was surprised to see ex-Ohio State RB J.K. Dobbins there at No. 55, and taking him was not a difficult decision for the Ravens. Interesting, too, that the comp I got for him a couple weeks ago was former Raven Ray Rice. That's the sort of potential he's got.

• What compelled the Packers to deal up for Jordan Love on Thursday night? Word is that they made the deal with Miami because they were concerned that the Seahawks or Ravens could move the 27th or 28th picks to a QB-needy team coming up. So they got in front of that.

• One team that was sniffing around with teams late in the first round? The Lions. It didn't happen, but they had been focused on fixing the RB position, and K.C. had been connected to both D'Andre Swift and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. And getting a player late in the first round means getting a fifth-year option.

• The Trent Williams situation merits watching. The price for him earlier in the week was going to be a third-rounder, with a late pick coming back for him. A fourth-rounder is close in value to that. Once the draft starts today? Then, the equation changes (i.e. vets and 2021 picks).


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