NFL Fails to Recover Onside Kick: Unchecked


How in the world did the NFL not pass that new onside kick rule? What a colossal blunder.

The idea seemed almost too good to be true if you ask me. In case you were unaware, the alternative to the onside kick that was suggested would give teams the option to attempt an untimed fourth-and-15 from their own 25 in order to retain possession after a score. If the play failed, the opponent would have taken control at the dead-ball spot.

The league reportedly never actually took an official vote on the proposal but did ask for a virtual show of hands. So, I’ll do the same. Raise your hand if you think that’s a good idea. Oh, never mind, everyone does! Because how could you possibly be against this? It only sounds like the most exciting play possible. 

But instead, let's just keep onside kicks the way they are, where teams are 0-104 when attempting them over the last two seasons. That seems to be working great. I understand the original onside kick was changed for safety, which I’m cool with, but now a recovered onside kick makes an actual safety seem like a frequent occurrence. Even the Browns and Lions never went 0-104!

Boo to you NFL...this was an easy opportunity to score points with fans, instead, you decided to keep a play that is extra pointless. This is like the one thing in football that actually needs further review. 

I’m kicked off about it to be quite honest.