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Michael Thomas Donation to Help Relieve Medical Debt for New Orleans Families

New Orleans Saints All-Pro receiver Michael Thomas has joined with a non-profit group to help relieve $2.3 million in health care debt for Louisiana residents.

Thomas contributed $20,000 to the group RIP Medical Debt, which works with individual donors and organizations to purchase medical debt at steep discounts for people whose bills exceed their ability to pay.

"I hope these families get a little relief in knowing their medical bills have been taken care of during these very difficult times," Thomas said.

Thomas, who set an NFL record with 149 catches last season, also recently bought lunch for medical personnel at a New Orleans hospital.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread into the United States earlier this year, Louisiana has had more than 43,000 cases and at least 2,831 related deaths.

Correction: The headline of this piece originally stated that Thomas donated $2.3 million. Thomas donated $20,000, which a nonprofit will use to help relieve $2.3 million in medical debt.