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Will Drew Brees Situation Impact Saints on Field?

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Drew Brees's comments on kneeling in the NFL have drawn ire from his peers and his teammates. Will they impact the Saints' on-field results? 

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Robin Lundberg: Shaquille O'Neal reportedly told the Saints to not let the media divide them when it comes to the Drew Brees situation. For more, I'm joined by our Ben Pickman and the fantasy exec Corey Parson. Guys, we haven't really touched on the on field impact for New Orleans. Do you think this will have an impact on wins and losses, Corey? 

Corey Parson: No, I don't. There's no reason why it should, because every character in the story is basically the same person they have been. Now, the problem with the Saints on the field might be Drew Brees's decline of skills. Yes they've had some bad calls go against them and things like that. But really, this organization hasn't lived up to his word. Now being that Drew Brees is struggling like this, this could be his final act. So it won't affect the Saints at all. 

Robin Lundberg: You know, to what Corey just said, Ben, if Drew Brees struggles, whether it has anything to do with this or not, that could heighten the pressure a little bit. And then there's the aspect of bulletin board material for other teams. 

Ben Pickman: Right. And we've started to see that a little bit in recent days, Robin. And most recently coming yesterday from Eagles pass rusher, Malik Jackson, who said that he's excited to play the Saints next season now. Will Brees's comments and the controversy that ensued and the feedback that ensued lead to more wins and losses? I don't know. But I think the notion that it might provide more motivation, a more diligent, more material is a fair one, to say the least. 

Robin Lundberg: We'll certainly see as there's a lot of time between now and the start of the season. And there's already been plenty of talk when it comes to Drew Brees.

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