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Report: Search Warrant Shows Cover-Up for DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar in Armed Robbery Case

A search warrant shows evidence that New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar paid off their alleged victims of an armed robbery, according to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

The players were issued arrest warrants on May 14 on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. The alleged incident occurred on May 13, when the players were at a party that began in the evening. 

Baker was seen pointing his semi-automatic gun at one of the party's attendees. Baker was alleged to have directed two other individuals to take money and valuables from the other attendees of the party. According to the police affidavit, Dunbar assisted Baker in taking the money and valuables at the direction of Baker.

The search warrant was obtained by the Daily News as a public record from the Broward County (Fla.) Clerk of Courts. It reportedly cites evidence—including video footage and direct messages—that allegedly show a witness named Dominic Johnson oversaw payoffs to Baker's and Dunbar's four victims on May 15 at the office of Michael Grieco, Dunbar's attorney.

Johnson allegedly wrote a series of incriminating messages on his Instagram account on May 16. He says he has known Baker and Dunbar since they were children.

All four victims have provided sworn statements saying they were paid off to take back their initial testimonies against Dunbar. The victims say they were paid a combined total of $55,000.

Miramar Police Department detective Mark Moretti wrote in the search warrant about direct messages between Baker and Johnson that appear to corroborate the victims' claims of a payoff.

"Johnson is telling Baker to come to Dunbar Lawyer’s office," Moretti writes. "Baker replied, 'Yo I'm in the city now getting cash how much to bring ?? I'm tryna get there too u ASAP.'"

The warrant claims CCTV video evidence showing the alleged payoff occur in Grieco's office building. One victim says he was paid $30,000. Another says he was paid $20,000, while a third says he was only paid $5,000 and gave half of that to a fourth victim.

Baker and Dunbar turned themselves into the Broward County jail on May 16. They spent the night there before being released on bond the following day. Both have pled not guilty to their charges.