Will New York Giants DeAndre Baker Face Legal Ramifications After Alleged Robbery?

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New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar face arrest warrants for multiple counts of armed robbery with a firearms. SI legal analyst Michael McCann and Giants team reporter Patricia Traina weigh in on the story and what legal consequences Baker could face if convicted. 

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Robin Lundberg: New York Giants quarterback Andre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quittin Dunbar face arrest warrants for multiple counts of armed robbery with a firearm. For more, I'm joined by our legal analyst, Michael McCann. And Patricia Traina of GiantsCountry. Michael, let's start with you. These are very serious charges. A crazy story. Look at the legal fallout. 

Michael McCann: Extremely serious charges. If convicted on armed robbery with a firearm, there's a maximum of life in prison for that type of offense. And that's because armed robbery, plus adding the firearm, it elevates the charge. 

Deandre Baker

And Florida also has a minimum sentencing law that could apply here and and stipulate that they serve at least 10 years in prison. Now, they haven't been convicted. And everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We'll see what the defense is. But as alleged, they were at a party and there are five witnesses, four of whom are described as victims, where they threatened to hurt people unless they turned over cash and their belongings. And, you know, this is multiple witnesses. This is a bad story for the two players because of that reason. This is what once police have a number of people saying the same thing. It puts the defendant in a tough spot.

Robin Lundberg: Now, Patricia, that can't mean good things for Baker status with the Giants, particularly considering his status there anyway.

Patricia Traina: It's definitely a black mark on the Giants. This is a team that has been looking to regain credibility, to turn the corner, get back on the winning ways, and then you have something like this. 


DeAndre Baker, a draft pick for whom they gave up three picks to move up back into the first round to get him last year. And for this to happen, they were really counting on this young man to be a part of the defense, to be a part of the culture they were trying to build moving forward. And this is just a humongous blow to the Giants and what they are trying to do. 

Robin Lundberg: Michael, Patricia, appreciate your time and insight on this still developing story. 

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