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NFL Could Use MLB to Set Precedent for Season: Unchecked

There’s been a lot of talk about how the outbreak amongst the Miami Marlins in MLB might impact the NFL.

And while I’ve seen plenty of discussion about concerns, I haven’t seen much about the possible precedent being set. 

Because if baseball can make it through this, you know damn well Roger Goodell and company will attempt to play football in the fall, through almost anything.

I say that without judgment really, because I am both rooting for sports to happen and absolutely concerned about safety. And unfortunately sports leagues, for those not bubbled like the NBA, are at the mercy of current circumstances and the response from leadership of the country.

Also, football obviously brings specific challenges on its own when it comes to roster sizes and the nature of the sport.

However, what about the past actions of the NFL would make anyone think they would consider stopping play unless they were absolutely forced to? Due to timing, up until now, they’ve basically been able to ignore the existence of the pandemic. Of course that can no longer be the case, but that doesn’t mean they won’t just go with the cliche football mentality of attempting to power through it. 

Individuals will make their own decisions, but we already know that league believes itself bigger than almost anything. To which they would be probably cite the ratings. I'm sure next man up will become a mantra.

So, while I have no idea how it will work out, it’d be naive to believe the NFL won’t be kicking off, as it would take a scenario I hope never happens for them to stop.