Antoine Winfield Jr. Matches Fine for Tyreek Hill Taunt in Super Bowl, Donates to Tampa School

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Buccaneers safety Antoine Winfield Jr. was infamously fined for taunting Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill during Super Bowl LV but he is taking the punishment in stride. 

Winfield matched his $7,815 fine for throwing up the peace sign in Hill's face and donated it to the Hillsborough Education Foundation to support the Buccaneers Youth Leadership Program. Additionally, the Bucs are matching Winfield's donation to make it a $15,630 contribution. Winfield works as a mentor in the team's youth program at Young Middle School, a Title 1 school in East Tampa.

"Since it got a lot of media attention, it was out there and I wanted to just spin it in a way to make it positive," Winfield told "And what better way than to give back to the Youth Leadership program that I did all year?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Tampa Bay fans asked Winfield if they could pay for his fine, but he encouraged them to donate to the foundation instead. 

Winfield threw up the peace sign as retaliation after Hill did the same to him when scoring on a touchdown earlier in the season. After the 31–9 win in the Super Bowl, Winfield had no regrets over the penalty.

"It felt amazing to be able to do that," Winfield said of the gesture. "Not even going to lie."