J.J. Watt Reveals 'Funny' Story Behind His Free Agency Announcement

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Before J.J. Watt took the announcement of his free agency decision into his own hands, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year had to take precautions so there wouldn't be leaks.

In the days leading up to the decision, Watt narrowed down his final list of teams and wanted to order shirts for each team before officially deciding and making the announcement. But, Watt feared that somebody at the packaging facility would see his name on the order and put two and two together. So, he enlisted some local help. 

"This is kind of funny," Watt said. "It's kind of stupid too, but whatever."

In order to preserve the secrecy, Watt had his brother's friends from high school order and pay for the shirts themselves so there would be no association with Watt. The pair trusted with this task delivered the shirts to Watt directly at his home and kept a lid on the star pass rusher's plans.

Watt was grateful for his tight-lipped friends. 

"Shoutout to Doug and Joe for making this happen," Watt said. "I appreciate you guys. They're the true brains behind the shirt that I wore for the workout."