The NFL Is Right to Threaten Forfeits: Unchecked

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The NFL is right to attempt to strong-arm players to get vaccinated. It’s anyone’s right not to get the shot, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be consequences from that decision. And as a business they want to prevent the health of the league from being harmed, both quite literally and financially.

So the memo they just released which threatens forfeits for games that can’t be rescheduled due to outbreaks amongst unvaccinated players and missed paychecks for the games missed simply makes sense.

As does the quicker return time for vaccinated individuals who test positive. It’s not as if the NFL hasn’t put policies into place in the past that were unpopular with some players and they generally had nothing to do with public health.

The science is pretty clear that the risk of spread and serious side effects is immensely reduced amongst those who are vaccinated, regardless of how anyone personally feels about it

Now the incentive for players to get the vaccine isn’t just for safety, which should be enough of a reason, but to be a good teammate as well. Because those who still choose not to are risking impacting their team’s win/loss record and the wallets of others.

It’s basically as close as the league can get to a mandate without explicitly instituting one. Not to mention in doing so given their immense popularity and position in society they are sending a message to the general public as well.

So let me do something that doesn’t get done that often and give credit to Roger Goodell.