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Aaron Rodgers Reveals Reason for Hair Growth With John Wick Halloween Costume

The best quarterbacks in NFL history are revered for their preparation for games. There's pro-football level preparation, but then there's Halloween-level preparation. 

Back in September, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers teased that the reason for his new look and long locks was for Halloween. He was planning on dressing as “somebody who is a hero of mine who has long-ish hair.”

On Saturday night, Rodgers revealed his hero is none other than the deadly dog-loving hitman John Wick from the popular movie trilogy by the same name. Rodgers debuted his costume with a pitbull, much like the one Wick adores, and donned some—hopefully—fake blood on his face from a busy day of retribution with the caption "Boogeyman."

Wick was given the nickname "babayka," the Russian word for boogeyman, because of his reputation for bloodshed. Notoriously, his ability to kill a man with just a pencil made him infamous in the criminal underworld. 

Rodgers earned Halloween off after a thrilling Thursday Night Football win over the previously undefeated Cardinals and got his second win of the week with this costume.

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