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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Hints at Potential Retirement After 2021 Season

Green Bay enters into its final game of the regular season on Sunday at 13–3, good for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. While other teams prepare to battle for the playoff spots in Week 18, Packers quarterback addressed his future in the NFL on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday.

Rodgers, 38, previously opened up about his potential life after football on Dec. 29, telling the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he didn't "want to be a bum” when he leaves. As a frontrunner for this season's Most Valuable Player award, the already three-time MVP said he has already given a lot of time to the game he loves.

“I didn’t start playing until eighth grade, obviously four years in high school, played three in college," Rodgers said. "[This is] my 17th [year in the NFL]. At some point, you know, the ride stops and you got to get off."

“You know, you want to, I think, still be able to play, still be able to walk, still be able to have, you know, cognitive brain function when you’re done playing. Those are important. I’ve really been trying this year to just stay in the present as much as possible.”

Rodgers was at the center of offseason controversy before the season, as speculation swirled whether he would be the Green Bay's starting quarterback in the 2021 season. Through 15 games in 2021, Rodgers has thrown for 3,977 yards and 35 touchdowns with only four interceptions.

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While many continue to wonder what is next for the veteran quarterback after this season, Rodgers said he is trying to enjoy what's currently in front of him.

“It’s hard because people want to talk about my future and what I want to do. And I respect that and I appreciate that,” Rodgers said. "But for me, I can’t, you know, have two feet in the past, living in the nostalgia of what we’ve accomplished, the amazing memories."

“We’re two feet into the future, thinking about, you know, the decisions that are looming moving forward. I’ve just really tried to remain in the present and that’s allowed me to just enjoy the little things.”

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