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Postseason NFL Power Rankings Poll: Packers Finish No. 1, Titans Don't Top AFC

With the regular season in the books, see how all 32 teams stacked up one last time.

The regular season is in the books, and we’ll be on to playoff predictions very soon. But before we move ahead with the final 13 games, let’s take one last look back at each team’s season in this week’s MMQB Power Rankings Poll.

Here’s how the teams stack up one through 32, one last time. (Who are we kidding; we’ll almost certainly do this again after the Super Bowl and the draft.)

You’ll note one of the teams that earned a first-round bye is sitting atop the poll, while the other is notably further down the list. The Steelers are our lowest-ranked playoff team and they are behind one AFC team on the outside looking in. Plus, see if you guess which New York team comes in dead last.