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Browns’ Myles Garrett Details Why He Was Benched

Myles Garrett revealed on Friday that he was missing in action during the Browns’ game against the Saints on Christmas Eve because of a “misunderstanding” and poor communication between him and Cleveland football coach Kevin Stefanski.

The Browns defensive end stated he was not feeling well but failed to properly communicate that information to Cleveland football coach Kevin Stefanski, who benched the four-time Pro Bowler.

“I was sick, and I didn’t communicate well enough,” Garrett said, per ESPN. “That’s how it went down. Got to respect how [Stefanski] feels about the situation and his judgment.”

Garrett did not take snaps during the first three plays against New Orleans before entering Saturday’s game. While Garrett stated that he respected Stefanski’s penalty, he previously said that his coach’s disciplinary action for him was a “bad look.”

Last week, Garrett missed multiple practices leading up to Saturday’s game. However, as Cleveland (6–9) prepares to face the Commanders on New Year’s Day, Stefanski said he was no longer harping on Garrett’s behavior from last week.

“He’s done a nice job [this week],” Stefanski said. “Been good.”

The Browns currently sit at the bottom of the AFC North behind the Steelers (7–8), Ravens (10–5) and the Bengals (11–4).