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Barry Sanders Defends Lions, Pushes Back on Tom Brady’s Opinion About NFL

The Lions (8-3) are on pace to finish with the franchise’s best single-season record since 2014, when they went 11-5 and made the postseason. And former star running back Barry Sanders appears to be loving every minute of it. So much so that he strongly pushed back on Tom Brady’s narrative that there’s currently a lot of mediocrity in the NFL.

While speaking on Robert Griffin III’s RG3 and The Ones podcast, Sanders pushed back on Brady’s comments, stating that while it may apply to the quarterback’s former teams, the Lions have been “anything but mediocre.” He also praised the NFL product from a league-wide perspective, as Pro Football Talk detailed.

“Maybe he’s talking about the teams he played for, but the team I played for?” Sanders said. “The team that I played for, no. It’s anything but mediocre. I saw that comment somewhere. Look, for us as Lions fans, maybe I just have blinders on, because of how we’re leading the division, how well we’re playing. But I still see a great product. Still see great teams and a very popular game.

“I would listen to anything he [Brady] has to say, and I’d have to get into more detail what he’s referring to, but I think this is the greatest product, the greatest thing we’ve ever seen as Lions fans. So I’m gonna enjoy this for a while.”

It’s apparent Sanders is taking in every aspect of Detroit’s recent success, and it’s hard not to. This team looks to be in prime position to win the NFC North, holding a two-game edge over the Vikings, even after a disappointing 29-22 Thanksgiving Day loss to the Packers.