Bill Belichick Told a Great Randy Moss Story During the NFL Draft

Bill Belichick had some fun on the first night of the 2024 NFL draft.
Bill Belichick had some fun on the first night of the 2024 NFL draft. /
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Legendary football coach Bill Belichick joined The Pat McAfee Show's telecast of Thursday night's NFL draft coverage, and it didn't take him long to dive into the most interesting draft trade story of his career.

The Randy Moss trade to New England.

"Probably the most interesting trade was the Randy Moss trade," Belichick began. "After the first day of the draft...because we had been trying to trade for Randy Moss for two was like childbirth. It took forever. After the first day I talked to [Al Davis] and said, 'So are we gonna make this deal or not?' And he said, 'Yeah we'll do it for your fourth.'"

The trade had to come together quickly, and it was so surprising to the Hall of Fame wide receiver that he didn't even believe it was Belichick trying to get in touch with him.

"I said 'We've gotta get the guy in for a physical. We can't take his contract we need to renegotiate his contract. ' And Mr. Davis said, 'Well that's your problem!' It's 11:30 at night...I call up Randy, I said 'Hey Randy, this is Coach Belichick.' Boom, hangs up the phone. I was like OK, let me try this again. 'Hey Randy, this is Coach Belichick.'"

"Who is this? Who's pranking me? Who is this?" Moss allegedly replied, before hanging up the phone again.

Belichick said the third time trying Moss's line is when the star wide receiver realized it wasn't a prank.

"Randy, this is Coach Belichick. We traded for you," the former Patriots coach said once again.

"What? Is this a joke? This better not be a joke! Who is this?" Moss replied.

Once Moss finally realized it was Belichick, the former Patriots coach told him he needed to get to New England as soon as possible because the deal needed to get done by the following day at noon, before the next round of the draft started.

Moss flew in to Boston from Houston and was at the Patriots' facility by 8 a.m. ET the following morning. The physical was completed and Moss's contract was renegotiated by 10.

The rest is history.

Here's the full video of Belichick relaying the story on set, to a chorus of laughter throughout:

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