49ers Ride the Legs of RB Jeff Wilson Jr. in 33-6 Blowout Win Against Patriots

No Raheem Mostert, no problem for the San Francisco 49ers as they road the legs of Jeff Wilson Jr. in their 33-6 blowout win against the New England Patriots.

No Raheem Mostert, no problem for the San Francisco 49ers as they road the legs of Jeff Wilson Jr. in their 33-6 blowout win against the New England Patriots.

Wilson carried the rock 17 times for 112 yards and three touchdowns. You read that right. Wilson scored THREE touchdowns and completely gashed a Bill-Belichick-lead defense for 6.6 yards per carry. These are stats that just never happen against "The Hoodie". 

Wilson could have certainly boosted his stats even further with the way he was running but, on his last touchdown score, he came up gimpy and was looking in agony on the ground grabbing his knee. Wilson would eventually get ruled out for the rest of the game, so hopefully for him and the 49ers' sake his injury doesn't end up being severe.

Unfortunately, the injuries did not stop there for the 49ers, but then again do they ever?

Deebo Samuel also ended up being ruled out of the game when he injured his hamstring on a stretch run. So as much as this win was impressive, the 49ers end up not getting to appreciate it fully because of injuries.

The 49ers may not be able to appreciate it, but people watching the game certainly can.

From the get-go, the 49ers were a team on a mission when they scored an opening-drive touchdown. Teams do not do that to the Patriots in their house as that was the first time they have allowed an opening-drive touchdown since 2016. The 49ers for the second week in a row look to be remaining true to their identity, especially on offense with the run game.

San Francisco went into Foxborough with only one goal in mind and that was to curb stomp the Patriots. And boy, did they accomplish that goal in convincing fashion. I think deep down inside, Kyle Shanahan wanted this win badly to show out against Belichick. He ran circles around him and delivered the knockout punch midway through the second-quarter. 

The same can be said for defensive coordinator Robert Saleh against Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Sure, they were going against Cam Newton who has been average at best as a passer this season, but Saleh has his defense playing at a high-level. The secondary is smothering and the front seven can hold their own against the run. Complimentary football is back again for the 49ers

A blowout win against the Patriots on the road is just the confidence booster the 49ers needed right now. The reason being is because they have to go into CenturyLink Field next Sunday to face their division rival Seattle Seahawks in a critical matchup. Russell Wilson has been on an MVP level.

The 49ers cannot commit the same mistakes they made on offense early on today against the Seahawks. Otherwise, they will assuredly lose to Seattle, especially should Samuel be out. 

Suddenly, the 49ers see themselves back in the playoff picture. Week 8 will be a major indicator as to how serious they will be back in playoff contention.