The most anticipated matchup of the week is about to kickoff between the San Francisco 49ers (9-1) and the Green Bay Packers (8-2). Once again, the 49ers are in a primetime slot, this time for Sunday night football on NBC. This game carries a ton of weight in regards to playoff seeding.

This is also the first of an insanely difficult three-game stretch for the 49ers, so they cannot afford to drop their first game of it. Green Bay is coming off of a bye, which makes than more dangerous than they already are. Luckily for the 49ers, they get George Kittle back in the lineup to make the offense optimal again.

Tonight will not be an easy win for either team. Will the Packers be able to knock off the 49ers? Or will San Francisco maintain their hold atop the NFC?

We have you covered for today's primetime game at Levi's Stadium with updates and analysis. Join the conversation and give us your thoughts while this game plays out. 

49ers inactive list

Packers inactive list

  • 11 WR Ryan Grant
  • 22 RB Dexter Williams
  • 25 S Will Redmond
  • 29 CB Ka'dar Hollman
  • 67 G/T Adam Pankey
  • 87 TE Jace Sternberger

1st Quarter

15:00 - 49ers have elected to kick off, so out comes Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense to get their first shot at the vaunted defense of the 49ers.

13:02 - Rodgers coughs up the football to give the 49ers excellent field position. The 49ers would easily walk in on a Tevin Coleman run. Not even two minutes in and the 49ers are already establishing their dominance.

Packers 0 49ers 7

11:29 - Packers offense does nothing following the touchdown scored by the 49ers. Rodgers is noticeably uncomfortable early, which is what the 49ers needed to do for major success.

6:54 - 49ers and Packers exchange possessions with punts as both offenses have not been able to sustain drives so far. 49ers offense will come back out after the Packers last punt. Ball will be placed around midfield. 

3:13 - Offense of the 49ers is able to move the ball well, but settle for a field goal. The 49ers should feel fortunate they were able to get a score since they were bailed out earlier in the drive by a hands-to-the-face penalty on the Packers.

Packers 0 49ers 10

1:17 - 49ers' defense is just smothering the offense of the Packers. They cannot figure out how to sustain drives early-on. Packers forced to punt with the 49ers to take over from their own 37 yard-line.

End of the quarter

2nd Quarter

11:06 - Packers go for it on fourth down and are stopped. Matt LaFleur's gamble does not pay off. Huge mistake by him for not taking the three points via field goal. This a move that could haunt them later.

Packers 0 49ers 10 

9:09 - Justin Skule gets highlighted in a negative light as he costs the 49ers a possession by committing a penalty and allowing a sack on Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo has faced a lot of pressure so far in this game and is starting to look uncomfortable. 

6:11 - 49ers' defense has settled back into form after the Packers started finding success on offense. Packers punt to the 49ers own 32 yard-line.

3:31 - Skule having a horrible night, thus Daniel Brunskill slides in at left tackle. Passing game cannot find consistency with the amount of pressure Garoppolo has faced. Brunskill hardly has any experience at left tackle, so lets see how he fares.

2:55 - With Brunskill in at left tackle, the 49ers had their best success on offense driving down the field via the aerial game. So far the switch has paid off for Kyle Shanahan as they end up with another field goal.

Packers 0 49ers 13

0:58 - "What bike?!" is what Deebo Samuel said to Tramon Williams on his 42 yard touchdown reception. Samuel has been on a tear the last three weeks and now the 49ers are pouring it on. 

Packers 0 49ers 20

0:00 - Packers could not muster a last minute drive for a score and give the 49ers a chance to add onto their lead, which they successfully do with another field goal. Packers at this point have no shot of a comeback.

Packers 0 49ers 23


3rd Quarter

12:26 - Opening the second half on offense, the 49ers go 3-and-out due to a penalty and another sack. The pressure has been getting to Garoppolo all game, but it has not been a detracting factor for them. Packers to start their drive at their own 35 yard-line.

3:52 - Packers take up almost the entire quarter, but finally put points on the board with a jet sweep to Davante Adams. They would then convert on the 2-point conversion to cut the 49ers' lead down. Still a long way to go for them to try to get level.

Packers 8 49ers 23

2:55 - Shanahan refuses to let up on the gas pedal. 49ers score again on a 61-yard pass play to Kittle. Safe to say that Kittle is healthy and making major contributions. 

Packers 8 49ers 30

End of quarter

4th Quarter

11:29 - Packers turn the ball over on downs as they had no other choice but to go for it. 49ers will want to drain as much of the clock out to expedite their assured win. 

4:58 - Not like there needed to be another convinving score, but the 49ers officilly sealed a win on Raheem Mostert's touchdown run. Packers will wave the white flag by sitting Rodgers and the starters the rest of the way.

Packers 8 49ers 37