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Rams vs. Bengals: Who Wins Super Bowl LVI?

Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals is going to come down to the trenches.

Super Bowl LVI is finally here.

The Cincinnati Bengals facing off against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi stadium.

It isn't the matchup everyone wanted nor predicted, but it is still going to be an entertaining watch. And that is based largely off of Joe Burrow. 

The guy has been on a legendary playoff run that can be immortalized with a Super Bowl win. Even with a porous offensive line, Burrow has the Bengals humming. It also helps that they can run the football well with Joe Mixon. 

Mix that in with their adaptable defense and it makes sense why they're in the Super Bowl. The Bengals feel like the team of destiny right now with how much they've overcome. It is just the magical feel of Burrow.

But that magic runs out today.

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The Rams are going to emerge the victors in this.

It all stems with the battle in the trenches. The Bengals have skated by with their swiss cheese offensive line. Burrow was sacked nine times in the Divisional Playoff round against the Titans. It took Ryan Tannehill to be a mess of himself for the Bengals to overcome that. Otherwise, Tennessee likely wins that game.

Then they played the Chiefs who had zero gap discipline when rushing Burrow. Their game plan against the Bengals defensively was bad. The Rams will make sure they expose the weakness of the Bengals and keep their foot on the Bengals' necks. That defensive front of theirs is extremely effective. 

Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and Leonard Floyd will be too much for the offensive line of the Bengals. And I don't see Burrow being able to escape them as easily as he did against the Chiefs. Passing ball is going to be asked a lot of Burrow, not only because it is their best strength, but I believe the Rams offense is going to put up points where the Bengals will have to chase.

Matthew Stafford has been on FIRE this playoff run. He is not that different from the impact that Burrow is making right now. I don't see the Bengals having the capabilities of cooling him off. Even if Stafford makes one his errant throws, the Rams are good enough to overcome it.

Ultimately, the pass rush of the Rams is going to be too much for the Bengals to take. I see this Super Bowl playing out similarly to last years when Patrick Mahomes was running for his life against the Buccaneers' pass rush.

Prediction: Rams 31 Bengals 20