Arik Armstead Vows to be Improved Run Defender

Jose Luis Sanchez III

2019 was a breakthrough for defensive lineman Arik Armstead. Not only was he able to remain healthy, but he proved that he is a top-tier versatile player. You can’t really give that label to many players in the NFL. That’s why the 49ers gave him his five-year, $85 million deal. 

However, despite coming off his strongest season, Armstead is vowing to become an improved run defender. Per his Instagram, his goal for the 2020 season is to be the best run defender in the league.

My goal “ The best RUN defender in the league “

My goal every year is to be the best run defender in the league first. That’s the hard part. You can have a dominant impact on the game without getting a sack. It may not come with glory but for me that’s what I take pride in. If I dominated the run game I can walk off the field happy. It’s hard but don’t go into a game stressing to get a sack worry about being physically dominant and you will put your team in better situations on 3rd down and sacks will come.

Last season Armstead ranked as the No. 12 run defender in the NFL (all positions) and No. 1 of all 49ers, per Pro Football Focus grades.

Armstead setting this goal is a bit uncommon. Usually defensive lineman boast about sack production, but Armstead acknowledges that it starts with the run. Surely the 49ers are loving what they are hearing from Armstead after giving him his contract. 

There are plenty of cases out there where a team gives a player their big payout, only for that player to become content with their level. The jury is still out on Armstead, but I sincerely doubt he’ll fall into that category. 

He has a ton of pride when it comes to his work ethic. That is why I believe he will become close to a top run defender in 2020. since he wasn’t that far off in the first place.

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No. 1-1

It's pretty cool that he said that this is what he wants to improve on. I can see him having another huge season.