49ers Must Never Wear Atrocious All-Black Uniforms Again

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Incinerate them all.

The black alternate uniforms of the San Francisco 49ers should have never made it past the idea room. If you're looking for an illustration of garbage, then these uniforms are it. 

First and foremost, too many teams in the NFL try to have an alternate uniform with the primary color black. Sure, it is a neutral color and can go with anything. The Eagles and Ravens have black uniforms that actually work for them.

But those two teams should have been the last ones to try it. Every other team is just trying too hard now. When the 49ers came out with these uniforms back in 2015, it was quite surprising considering they have a cross-bay rival whose primary color is black. 

Any Raiders fan would have been justified to laugh and criticize those uniforms ever coming into existence. Why not just bring back some previous uniforms like the 1994 ones? 

Obviously they would realize that was the better route to take since they brought them back in 2018. But to go with an all-black scheme was a wild mistake. 

I tweeted this out on Friday night and unintentionally crowd-sourced opinions on these uniforms. From my replies alone, the fan-base is split when it comes to them. That alone shows how horrid they are. If a uniform doesn't field a vast majority of positive feedback, then you know it was a failure.

The 49ers botched the easiest color scheme, red and black, by putting in zero effort.

Besides, the idea of red and black should have never crossed the 49ers' minds. Why? Because there is already a team with that scheme by the name of the Atlanta Falcons and they do a phenomenal job of it. 

Well, that was until their latest uniform change.

The 49ers must erase any and every connection to these uniforms. Black isn't even in their color scheme. If there is any color they should be highlighting in an alternate uniform, its gold. 

But the ultimate reason why the 49ers must never wear these atrocious all-black uniforms again is because it signifies a dark time in the franchise (pun not intended). 

The three seasons that these uniforms were utilized was during bottom-feeding seasons. Not to mention that the year these uniforms were birthed was the start of a horrendous three-year run for the 49ers. 

These uniforms need to be buried along with the terrible past that it is tied to. A past that saw Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly lead the franchise on a downward spiral. You can even tie in Jed York's meddling to it since he was the one that kick-started the downfall. 

Right now, the only alternates the 49ers should be rocking and continue to rock are those gorgeous all-white 94' uniforms that they should have been allowed to wear in the Super Bowl. 

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The all-whites are fine as long as they throw away the white socks and wear appropriate solid red socks or ones with 3 white stripes. The all-white with white socks is just as brutal as all black. If you're going to match the jersey and pants you must have contrasting socks.