How the 49ers Should Use Raheem Mostert

You do not use your expensive dinnerware everyday. Only when you have guests
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Raheem Mostert became a household name after his performance after the NFC championship game. He crushed the Green Bay packers with 220 rushing yards, a postseason record for San Francisco 49ers. There is no doubt that he is the best ball carrier on the team. 

In 2020, both the team and the fans had a mountain of hopes for the 29-year-old running back. Unfortunately, multiple injuries limited Mostert to only eight games. 

The 49ers have yet to figure out what is the exact cause behind so many injuries piling up one after another. At the moment, it seems like neither the coaching nor training staff has a clue.

Anyway, during those eight games, Mostert rushed 104 times while only having 33 more attempts in 2019, which was the best season he had so far with the 49ers. Mostert is the best running back on the team, but he's fragile, and you need to be selective when using the best weapons. 

When injuries become the most significant concern to a team that fans believe is a Super Bowl contender, it is a shame. So they can not expect to see Mostert in full throttle. 

There is a question that the 49er regime and the fan base need to answer. 

Would you risk a speeding ticket going 90 miles per hour to get to a party that you have reasonable time to reach, or go within the limit and get to the destination without any trouble? 

Trying to use Mostert on more plays would be equivalent to going 90 miles per hour. You are risking too much. In any sport, getting the win is more important. So you do not need to break records or humiliate the opposition. 

I believe the 49er coaching staff has realized that already. The 49ers drafted running backs Trey Sermon and Elijah Mitchell. In addition, the 49ers acquired Wayne Gallman. All these moves should allow the 49ers to free up the weight of expectation that Mostert will have. Mostert will be the effective weapon in Kyle Shanahan's sleeves when he requires it. 

Above all, the 49ers have two key factors playing into their strengths. First, the running back coach Bobby Turner can turn almost any running back into an elite one while Shanahan always excels in his run game.

There is one more option left for the 49ers as well. They can trade Mostert and overhaul the entire running back department. But that would not be a wise move given the fact that Jeff Wilson Jr. is injured. He demonstrated how explosive he could be, but has not proved he is the reliable long-term workhorse the 49ers need. 

The 2020 season showed that the 49ers are always on thin ice, and each player is one wrong step away from going down with an injury that could lead to multiple games missed. 

Until the 49ers coaching and training staff brainstorm together or bring the expertise outside the organization in order to reduce the injuries, Mostert must be used with precaution.

This might be disappointing news to any fantasy football fans who want Mostert in their lineup. 

Mostert is the equivalent of expensive dinnerware in your kitchen. You only take it out when guests are in the house -- you do not want to use daily and ruin it.