Is George Kittle a Top 20 Pick in Fantasy Football?

Jose Luis Sanchez III

George Kittle is regarded as a top-two tight end following Travis Kelce, if not the best at his position. The crazy part is that it only took Kittle three seasons to establish himself as a premier talent.

From his stellar skills as a receiver to his monstrous aggression as a blocker, these traits are what make him such a touted player. 

Now that Kittle has become a household name, how will that impact his fantasy-football stock? He is the 49ers' best offensive weapon and a superb talent, and the combination makes him a coveted player in fantasy. 

Plus, he will be fueled by rage in 2020 after losing Super Bowl LIV. That alone could entice participants to draft him high.

So is Kittle a top 20 pick in fantasy football?

Even though his talent is acknowledged across the football world, Kittle is not a top 20 pick in fantasy football. Running backs and high-volume wide receivers are generally the consensus picks in the top 20, especially in PPR leagues (points per reception).

He may be a top-two tight end in the league, but Kittle is not a top-two tight end in fantasy football. What hurts Kittle is the fact that he is such a phenomenal blocker. That means as much as he is valued as a receiver, the 49ers will not use him constantly as one. 

It isn't Kyle Shanahan's M.O. to just force-feed one player consistently no matter how dominant he is. If Kittle's main strength was his ability to play as a receiver, then by all means he is someone to consider early in your fantasy football drafts. 

But Travis Kelce is the best tight end when it comes to fantasy. His main strength is as a receiver and he has the best in the game in Patrick Mahomes throwing to him. Taking Kelce early just makes too much sense, whereas you can't invest so early in Kittle because of his value as a blocker.

The 49ers are lucky to have Kittle in their ranks, but when it comes to fantasy football there shouldn't be a feeling of luck. Maybe comfortable or even satisfied because he is still a sweet pick in fantasy. But he isn't among the top 20. 

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I am not sure. He only had 5 TD's last season making it hard to justify taking him in a draft. If he falls through and can pick him up then sure.


Yes he is