Raheem Mostert is the Most Underrated Running Back in the NFL

Vinny Saglimbeni

It’s been a busy week for many 49ers fans, filled with anxiety and apprehension after a 43-17 loss against the Miami Dolphins at home. The 49ers now look to what is their toughest part of their schedule, starting Sunday night against the division rival Los Angeles Rams.

After being one quarter of the way into the season, some would question if the 49ers are still doing their best to get over the Super Bowl hangover from last season. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t had the start of the season he probably would have liked, defensive end Nick Bosa tore his ACL in Week 2 against the Jets and a multitude of injuries has ravaged the 49ers to a 2-3 record after five games.

One player, however, has had anything but a Super Bowl hangover, and that player goes by the name of Raheem Mostert.

In three games this season, Mostert has averaged 7.0 yards per carry, the highest among all eligible running backs in the entire NFL. Mostert missed two games against the Giants and the Eagles with a knee injury but, when he came back last week against the Dolphins, it’s almost as if he had never been hurt. Mostert has also averaged 79 yards a game, fifth among all running backs.

Heading into last season, Mostert was third on the depth chart behind Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida. The former Purdue track star would get into games late during blowouts and would at least score a touchdown, like the 49ers matchup against the Panthers last season. But as the season went along, Mostert slowly but surely made his way into a bigger role on this 49ers team.

Starting with his 40-yard touchdown run in a 146 total yard outing against the Ravens followed by a 104 total yard performance against the Saints, Mostert began to make a name for himself, and the lights beamed down on him in the NFC Championship Game last season against the Packers. Mostert finished the game with 220 yards and four touchdowns, giving the 49ers their first Super Bowl appearance since 2012. Mostert’s performances should not be looked at twice nor underestimated. No running back just runs for 220 yards in an NFC Championship Game just because they feel like it.

Mostert has shown how valuable he is to the 49ers organization in the past few years. Mostert stands out amongst other running backs in the NFL due to his versatility. He is one of the best route-running tailbacks in the NFL, his hands are second to none and his ability to fly by any player in the league with ease puts him up there as one of the best overall running backs the league has to offer.

Furthermore, Mostert’s special ability on special teams as well as his ability to find the hole and explode through it makes him by far the best running back on the 49ers.

When Mostert requested a trade in the offseason, I would be lying if I said I didn’t think he should be traded. I mean, packaging him up with another player or a pick for Jamal Adams did sound good. But boy, was I ever wrong on that.

Mostert has been doing what he has done for his entire career: proving people wrong.

Mostert has etched himself as a true 49er and embodies everything the 49ers organization stands for: toughness, working hard and doing everything he can to help the team. It would not shock me one bit if Mostert goes down as one of the most popular 49ers of all time, and 49ers fans should be excited for what is to come from him in the future, because he is only going to get better.

So for you 49ers fans who are still worried about the schedule these next few weeks, just know you will have nothing to worry about when Mostert gets the ball and surfs into the end zone.

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