Richard Sherman Reveals he Voted Against New CBA Proposal

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Could a 17-game regular season truly come to fruition in the NFL next year?

The NFLPA conducted a vote last night on whether or not the new CBA proposal will be approved with all 32 player representatives. The player reps voted 17-14 with one abstaining to move the CBA vote to all players.

Some of the player reps have taken to twitter to shed light on where their vote went. One of their players was San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who revealed he voted against the new CBA proposal along with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Sherman's vote against the proposal does not come as a surprise as he has been vocal on social media about his disdain for the proposal ever since it's announcement. The added regular season game has not appealed to any known veteran player. The rigorous 16-game season already puts a strain on these players as it. 

Adding another regular season game to the season would only appeal to low-ceiling players since they won't be in the league for long. Or at least, that is how the CBA proposal is coming off. 

Sherman and Rodgers were not the only player reps to take to the twitter streets to reveal their vote. Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey posted a video on his thoughts about the proposal.  “I vote no. Our NFLPA, the dudes at the top, the leaders, that’s f’ing bs. F that. They’re not looking out for the best of the players. If y’all want my vote, the Pouncey twins vote no.”

The next step will now involve every player in the league, which will make the outcome to this proposal significant. Will there be a 17-game NFL regular season in the future?