Should Jimmy Garoppolo Demand the 49ers to Trade him?

Garoppolo could potentially see his tenure going forward with the 49ers as pointless.
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Jimmy Garoppolo is no longer the franchise quarterback for the 49ers.

The very moment the 49ers traded up from No. 12 to No. 3, Garoppolo's fate was sealed. All that is left to figure out for the 49ers is what do with Garoppolo. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch remained adamant at their presser on Monday that Garoppolo isn't going anywhere. 

The only way for Garoppolo to be sent off is if a team gives the 49ers an offer they cannot refuse. If that offer does not come through, then Garoppolo is supposedly set to remain as the starter while their rookie quarterback learns and develops behind him. 

But if you're Garoppolo, why on earth would you want to help a rookie? 

He knows that his replacement is already in the ranks and that his time as the 49ers' starter, and perhaps NFL starter, is on the fence. Garoppolo could potentially see his tenure going forward with the 49ers as pointless.

Should Garoppolo demand the 49ers to trade him?


Garoppolo should have told Lynch and Shanahan to trade him right then and there when he was informed about the 49ers' move up to the third pick. What incentive does Garoppolo have to aid the rookie a.k.a. his replacement? 

There is no incentive. In fact, I bet Garoppolo is wishing to get traded to the Patriots because everything in their offense is tailored to his strengths. Plus, he knows Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels would welcome him back with open arms. 

So why hasn't Garoppolo demanded a trade yet? Maybe he is actually willing to teach a rookie like what Tom Brady kind of did for him.

My hunch is that Lynch and Shanahan told him to keep hush hush so that they can squeeze more draft capital out of the Patriots. I think Garoppolo is as good as gone come draft day. I just do not envision a scenario where Garoppolo and a rookie can coexist. It is just not possible to me. 

Besides, it is not like Garoppolo has much to offer to a rookie anyways since he struggles to run a simplified Shanahan offense to begin with. For Garoppolo to demand a trade, he would need to still be on the team after the draft when it would appear the 49ers didn't settle on a deal. 

At that point, he could go public like how a handful of quarterbacks have done this offseason. He would essentially be forcing the 49ers hand to do so since it would not be a smooth working environment for a rookie with Garoppolo who wants out. 

Garoppolo, in a way, holds all the cards. If he is not traded come the draft, then he can easily make it tough on the 49ers.